Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) will provide an environment where captive-held elephants will recover and thrive.

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Handmade Celadon Elephant Mugs 50% Off
Say "I love you," with the gift of a very special, limited edition, Celadon elephant mug. Handmade in the mountains of Northern Thailand, these beautiful mugs feature an elephant that forms the handle. Your favorite elephant lover will be reminded of your thoughtfulness with every sip. Order by February 7th for Valentine's Day delivery.


EAI EleFriend

Start the New Year Right - Become an EleFriend
Please consider becoming an EleFriend by supporting Elephant Aid International on a monthly basis.

EleFriend’s regular monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream that allows us to spend less time fundraising and more time reducing the suffering of captive-held elephants…one elephant at a time.


Birthday Fundraiser

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Your Birthday
Your family and friends probably all know that you are very passionate about elephants. But do you really need another stuffed elephant? We didn't think so!

Facebook gives you the option to create a fundraising campaign that you can share with your family and friends to let them know that this year—in lieu of gifts—you would like a donation to be made to Elephant Aid International. It’s easy to set up, and you can even customize it with your own photo! Not your birthday? Consider hosting a fundraiser in honor of your favorite pet, family member or just because you care. Thank you!


Welcome to Elephant Aid International

Elephant Aid International (EAI) is a nonprofit organization that creates innovative approaches to the care and management of elephants. With the combined efforts of international scientists, veterinarians, mahouts, elephant owners and elephant welfare supporters, EAI is helping to change how the public relates to elephants; how elephant owners view their elephants; how mahouts (elephant handlers) and elephant caregivers train elephants; and how captive elephants are cared for worldwide. By providing education and hands-on assistance, EAI is working to end the worldwide suffering of elephants…one elephant at a time.

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